Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Few Favorites

Okay, so please read last week's post if you haven't already done so.  Today is a continuation of sorts, where I am going to discuss some of my "favorite" authors.  I have a difficult time picking and choosing, and my preferences have changed since discovering new authors in the years since I got my Kindle.

Lynn Austin is one of my favorites.  Among other things, she writes Christian historical fiction.  The stories are well developed and take the reader back to another time and place, depicting realistic scenarios of struggles representative of the time.  I truly feel as though I *know* her characters by the end of the book.

Another favorite is Melody Carlson, whose protagonists are women from various seasons of their lives.  I particularly like her True Colors series.  Each book in the series focuses on a different modern day problem that teen girls face and tackles it within a Biblical worldview.  To me, these issues are not often talked about in teen Christian fiction, which is perhaps why they stand out as some of my favorites, although I am older than the target audience.

I have others, but need to save some for next time, right?

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