Hope for Joy

Samantha Donnerly appears to have it all: a new career, an encouraging fiancé, and a loving family. But dark memories of her family's past resurface, and soon personal insecurities collide with professional struggles. In an attempt to save her career and connect with her indifferent students, Samantha asks them to write about a life-changing event. What she doesn't expect is for one student's response to turn both of their worlds upside down.

Joy Westham is also struggling: as a college freshman, she wants to create a new life for her family outside the abusive control of her father. Finding a way to support her mother and two younger siblings soon proves to be more difficult than she realizes. Dropping out of school to get a full-time job may be her only option, but at what cost?

When Joy's essay prompts Samantha to take action, they are both thrown into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse. Will Samantha and Joy learn to trust God to help their families heal from this nightmare?

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The Inheritance Inn

Avery’s life is turned upside down when she loses her job and a beloved great-aunt in the same day.  Before the fateful Monday is even over, she discovers that she has also inherited her family’s inn.  Soon Avery is at odds with her own relatives over the planned reopening of the inn.  Avery isn’t even sure she wants her inheritance, but eventually discovers that someone else does--and is willing to go to great lengths to get it. Avery begins to question how God is going to help her through the trials she faces.

Michael, the former handyman for the Inheritance Inn, wants to help Avery reopen the inn if that is her desire. Avery’s family does not trust him, and he doesn’t understand why.  His frustration mounts when suspicious activities begin to occur surrounding the inn.  Avery's own safety is ultimately at risk.  Can he protect her before it is too late?

Avery and Michael’s faith is stretched and tested with every setback.  When Avery's inheritance is at stake, will God help both of them through?

*The Inheritance Inn is written from a Christian worldview.